Cultural Diversity and Development

To assess the cultural diversity and training services of a certain community needs a thorough study of the nature of its people. In the case of Onehorse town, its culture and lifestyles definitely vary to the extreme. The prevailing situation is that community members are having resistance towards eventual growth and development of their town. This is perhaps due to some factors such as traditions being threatened and subsequently, the fear of the unknown or uncertainty that growth and development will probably bring to them.
To bring about change toward growth, an effective shared strategy is one which both parties (the town officials and townsfolk) work together to identify their needs and generate new ideas to solve certain problems or concerns. Officials should presents courses of actions and programs that will explain to its constituencies the importance of such plan, how it will bring development and the subsequent benefits it offers to the people.Furthermore, town officials and community members should build new opportunities to express ideas and feelings, building trust and confidence so that projects can proceed smoothly.
The changing environment in the society in general and in any organizations and communities in particular, accentuates the need for strong leadership in the local level especially the town officials. No matter how competent he is, no person can take the responsibility or provide the resources and expertise for solving a community's problems such as crime, economic and social concerns. Proper information, consultation and active involvement from citizens are key ingredients needed toward a successful community undertaking.

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