The cult problem is so extreme that the chances of a family member joining a cult
are 4 times greater than contracting AIDS, 90 times greater than contracting measles, and
45,000 times greater than contracting polio.People outside of cults are stunned and
baffled with a statistic such as this, because it is hard to perceive.What makes people join
cults?Is it cult leaders?What are the dangers of cults?
People join cults because, flat out, they are vulnerable.Cults promise to fulfill
their needs.They tend to get rid of the depressed state they were in.Cult members create
a sense of family and belonging through hugging, kissing, touching, and flattering.Also,
members learn new skills, improve personality and intelligence, etc.What person would
not want that for themselves?Right?
Cult leaders are the "ideal image" towards a happy life.They offer happiness and
success to members by providing certain rules.They tend to keep the focus of love and
devotion around themselves in order to keep control of the members.The cult leaders
declare themselves as linked to God and claim to have a special mission in life.This
appeals to the members because he will give them the gift of immortality if they are a true
The dangers of cults are only seen by someone outside of the group.The
cult tends to be in total control of its members.They control what they wear, eat, when
and where they work, sleep, and bathe.They will also tell them what to believe, think,
and say. Most groups have members do exhausting labor on top of everything else. Plus,
all labor is without money or any other reward except their "good deed" towardthe
group. If that is not dangerous, then what is?
Even with all the basics put down, I still question why one would ever want to be a
part ofa cult.It seems to bepart of a fairy tale lifestyle in the beginning and after awh…

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