Cuban Trade Embargo

Time for a Change: Forty-Two Years of Isolation and Deprivation Since the day when President Kennedy issued the US-Cuban Trade Embargo which prevented any trade being done with Cuba either directly or indirectly it has left the island of Cuba isolated and deprived of the wealth of tourism. “The United States never remembers and Latin America never forgets,” is a well-known Latin American cliche which illustrates the depth of Cuban distrust about the United States and the everlasting revelation of Americans manifesting about Cuban dictatorship. Americans today ponder upon the question in which haunts politicians of the past and present, "How the United States could have let a small island nation only ninety miles from its shores produce a communist regime that has outlasted the USSR?" (Paterson 263). On the contrary, Cuba continues to be outraged at the way the United States still undermines and ignores Cuban dominion. The issue at hand is as we (the United States) have embarked on the twenty- first century we still remain entangled in an economic war of slow destruction with an island market begging for U.S. dollars . After forty-two years of isolation, deprivation and failed objectives against the island of Cuba, it's time for a change, a revision, the lifting of a failed trade embargo. Can we ever move on and change the embargo when flamboyant leaders continue to wave the bloody flag and open decade-old wounds. A European diplomat asked a Clinton official, “Why should the U.S. maintain economic sanctions against Castro if it is willing to trade with Hanoi and Beijing?” a senior Clinton official could only reply, “History matters” (Fedarko 54). History matters to the United States, but the history of prosperity of the Cuban people also matters as they remember history before the trade embargo. It is difficult for a generation of Americans to forget events such as the failed military blockade of the Bay of Pigs and t…

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