Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban missile crisis was a very serious time period for the United States. In October 1962, an American spy plane took pictures showing that the Soviets were secretly building missile bases in Cuba. From these bases, nuclear missiles could be launched and wipe out much of the eastern and southern United States. The president at the time was John F. Kennedy.
The President discussed possible moves with his advisers. Then he went on television to inform the American people of the threat. He ordered the navy to stop any ship bound for Cuba with weapons. He demanded that Khrushchev remove the missiles already in Cuba and tear down the missile bases. However, the Cuban missile crisis still went on for 6 days.
American U-2 planes flew over Cuba and took surveillance photos of the bases. President Kennedy showed the American people the photographs. They clearly showed that the bases were being built with great speed, and that they held more than just defensive weapons. No one was quite sure what the Soviet Union was trying to gain by building the bases, but they were certainly meant to be some kind of challenge to the United States.
For 6 days the world stood on the brink of war. No one knew whether the Soviet ships on their way to Cuba would challenge the navy's blockade. American planes carrying live nuclear bombs took off and awaited orders. Behind the scenes, messages passed back and forth between President Kennedy and Soviet Premiere Khrushchev. As the Soviet ships neared the blockade, Khrushchev decided not to challenge the United States. The ships turned back and the crisis was over. In the end the Soviet Union removed the missiles and bases. In return, the United States promised not to invade Cuba.
I think President Kennedy handled the situation excellently. Even though he was panicked, he didn't show it, so the people didn't get panicked. I think he handled it well because he was prepared for any outcom…

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