Should Elian Gonzalez have been sent back to Cuba?Was it fair that President Clinton was not charged for perjury in his court trial regarding his affair with Monica Lewinsky?Does President elect George W. Bush have right to office after such an inappropriate election?? Does the United States have any right to assist the Tamils that are fighting for a separate nation in the country of Sri Lanka?? If so, to what extent? All the above pose questions that are politically based- they involved domestic and international political issues.There are people today who know the full background and would be able to give you their full opinion on all the issues mentioned above.They might even be actively involved in getting Clinton back on trial or trying to appeal the Gonzalez verdict.There are some people who may know about some of the issues and nothing of the others.And, of course, there are the people who are oblivious to all.Those who are most active in political action are called “gladiators" but they only make up a menial 5% of the U.S adult population.Studies show that half the adults in the U.S are either apathetic or observers of politics-with 1 out of 5 adults who engage in no political activity and with another 1 out of 5 adults who do very little more than vote.
At the age of 21, terms like conservatism, liberalism, and socialism all intrigue me yet leave me confused.The young career-attentive adult in me is drawn to the idea of classical liberalism in which rights to life, liberty and prosperity are core values.I have goals to work for a top business firm, climb the corporate ladder, earn many benefits and make a lot of money- everything to which I am entitled.However, the more humane side of me is drawn towards socialism where we all work towards the good of society as a whole.After all, what good is all this success for myself when I have to see homeless families on the street suffering?For these re…

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