Cuba readmissions to OAS

Communist Cuba’s economy was very dependent on foreign powers from communist Europe especially from the economic help of the Soviet Union, who invested, loaned, and bought Cuban goods. But after 1989, with the collapse of Russia and communism, Cuba’s economical problems came to the surface, and Cuba’s economy suffered greatly from the loans, and debts Cuba had to pay, and the lack of industrial diversity, technology and trade, Cuba was going suffer future economical problems. Being banned from the Organization of American States, for being a communist state, I believe a healing process between Cuba and The United States of America can start if Cuba is once again readmitted the OAS. Both Cuba and The United States will benefit economically and socially.
Cuba is one of the few remaining dictatorship communist countries in the world and just like most of the communist countries Cuban communism will one day fall, but in order to make that change The United States has to change its policies towards Cuba. And a way to start is by readmitting Cuba into the Organization of American States. Also that the U.S. trade embargo has proved to be ineffective and inhumane, and since it was imposed 41 years ago Castro is still in power and has applied lesser pressure than American policy makers thought on toppling Fidel Castro form power. If possible I personally that Castro would be in power for another 41 years if he could and if the United States continues the same policies they have applied. Instead the U.S. should allow Cuba to be readmitted in to the OAS, lighten the grip on the trade embargo, and allow the free association with other Caribbean and Latin American countries, that will flood Cuba with free market, entrepreneurship, capita!
lism and democratic ideas and principles, and Cuban will want and demand change.
I believe the greatest interest of readmitting Cuba to the OAS for The United States, would be that Cuba and the U.S. can s…

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