The purpose of my project is to see how evaporation affects the sizes of growing crystals. I am using thee different chemicals. I add water to each chemical and mix it into a solution. Then I pour half of each solution into separate petri dishes and boil away each of those solutions. The other half of each solution is also poured into separate petri dishes.
I am doing this project because I want to find out if evaporation affects the sizes of growing crystals. This topic interests me because I do not think anyone knows the answer to my question. I do not really think anyone would really need to know the answer to my question. Some people who are interested in growing crystals might think it helpful to know the answer though.
There are hundreds of different types of crystals in the world. All crystals are made from chemicals. Crystals are mostly made up of more that one compound. Crystals also have many different shapes. There are seven systems that minerals can crystallize in.
The isometric system?cubic system?includes crystals in which the three axes all have equal length and have right angles. Twelve percent of minerals crystallize in the isometric system. Some of the minerals in the isometric system include copper, gold, silver, and galena- most important source of lead that is found with zinc?copper?and silver. Galena has a metallic gray color. Fluorite- an attractive crystal’that is in the colors of white?blue?green?or violet?and is used in the producing of chemical products like gasoline. Rock salt- a type of salt found at the bottom of dried lakes. Magnetite- found in sedimentary rocks and is very valuable. Its color is black and it is very hard and brittle. Cuprite- formed by the weathering of ores and is auburn and brown colored. Pyrite- it is also known as ;fool;s gold?and has a brassy yellow color.
In the trigonal system there are four crystallographic axes. Nine percent of all min…

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