Which temperature does crystal grow the fastest
I always thought crystal was the most valuable and most precious mineral, a man could have.I also thought crystal was nothing more than a jewelry or some sort of decoration.As I learned more about crystal, I found out crystal are not just decoration, but it is also valuable mineral used in today??s technology.
Crystals has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years.According to the Sanskrit manuscript during the mid-fifth-century, it says, diamonds is protective of its owner; it wards off serpents, fire, poison sickness, thieves, flood, and evil spirits.Not only diamonds were such ?°spirits?±, but also they were used in medicine during the middle ages.There were many debates rather diamonds are poison or an antidote to poison.Physician, Garcua de orta claimed that diamond are not poison by proving that the slaves in Indian mines swallowed diamonds in order to steal them, and they were perfectly fine and did not have any ill effects.Since then crystals are still around till the present day, and there are more discoveries what a crystal can do.
Since it is such a remarkable mineral, crystals are used in technology in many ways.Diamond, a form of crystal that is extremely hard is used to make dentist drill.The drill is made of little crystal, so the process of drilling would quicker and less painful.And as for some crystals, when they are compressed, the crystals develops electrical charges and other crystals also develop charges when they are heated.These properties are called ?°piezoelectricity?±.From these special properties, these crystals are used in sonar and other type of radio equipment.Solar energy also comes from type a crystals called ?°sulfide crystals?±.These crystals are used to convert sunlight into electricity.Another type of crystals called, ?°silicon?± which is used in transistor to amp…

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