What is cryonics?If you ask that question to most people, they would not have a clue.Cryonics is not very popular yet, but interest in cryonics has increased since the process was pioneered in 1967 by James H. Bedford.

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To be specific, cryonics is the controversial practice of freezing the remains of people whom doctors and the rest of the world consider dead, in the hopes of reviving them when medical technology can cure what ails them.The procedure itself features a very long and sometimes complicated process.First, when the person is considered clinically dead, a team of specialists goes in and hooks the person up to a heart and lung resuscitator.Then, they begin to cool down the body with ice.Because the body is cooling at the rate of several degrees Celsius per second, there is little or none damage done to the cells.Third, they take the blood out of the body and replace it with an antifreeze substance.Next, the person is injected with drugs to slow down the metabolism of the brain and protect the cells from intense freezing.Then, the body is wrapped in a very well insulated sleeping bag and finally an aluminum outer covering.Lastly, the body is placed in a dewar, which is a big steel container filled with liquid nitrogen at the temperature of 196 degrees Celsius below zero, where the body remains.

There are many things that show the increase of cryonics.First, as of 1995, commercial cryonicists have signed up about 1,000 customers; another sixty have already been frozen.Many people who have signed up are afraid dying, others want to see the future, and others want to see what will come about from all the improvements that have been made in medicine.Another reason is that people are just interested in the whole concept of cryonics.Lastly, the cryonic suspension procedure is becoming more advanced and so more people are deciding on having the procedure performed on them w…

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