"The city has gone mad, every one is scared of Abby and the girls. Now everyone is a witch or has worked for the devil, they even said that my good wife Elizabeth has sent out her spirit to kill Abby." All of these lies must stop somewhere down the line, but some one has to make a decision. For many it is whether to get involved or not, or it might be as difficult as to give up your good name in order to support your family, or keep your good name and leave your family alone. All of these decisions had to be made by John Proctor, a family man with three children and a good wife. He will change all of his decisions.

John Proctor was a farmer and a good father. He lived in a house outside of Salem with his wife and three children. John was an non-believer of witches; he also didn't like the way the church was run by Parris. His wife's name was mentioned in a court discussion, and later she was accused of witchery. At this point in the story he has decided to get involved in all the events that are going on in the town. The morning after his wife was taken to jail, he takes Marry Warren to testify against Abby and the other girls. Marry is worried that the girls will turn against her and accuse her of witchery. Now in order for John to prove that the girls are lying and that they where just faking it, he had to admit to lechery. The only way that the judges would believe him was if his wife said that he had committed the sin of lechery. But she said that her husband was a good man and she knew nothing about lechery. She was making a decision to not shame her husband and herself, and also w!
as trying to protect him in a way.

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When John decides to sign the paper that says that he was working for the devil, he has to make some very hard decisions. First, he had to decide if he was going to sign the paper or not. For example, he did want to sign it because he didn't want to leave his family alone, but on the…

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