Cross-cultural Training

Today a large number of trading companies are conducting business through out the world. Some companies make profits from the trade; some companies become failures in the business. There are many reasons relating to success or failure. However, the employees understanding of different cultures is the most important aspect when companies start businesses in foreign countries. Culture, Oxford Dictionary explains, "Customs, arts, social institutions, etc of a particular group or people" (p.347). There is much information about the cultures in which they work that employees should know. Cross-cultural training is training programs which help the employees who are going to do business in foreign countries learn the information of the different cultures step-by-step. According to Kaminsky (2000), "With the battle for talented workers being waged internationally, Canadian companies are realizing that developing a positive work environment for their multi-cultural workforce is essential to long-term success. By developing cross-cultural training initiatives, including diverse team building, cross-cultural communication, and cross-cultural negotiation, organizations will be more competitive in the global economy" (p.1). Through the cross-cultural training, the employees learn about the different cultures; understand the situations in foreign countries; know how to deal with different economies, and then these employees may success in global business; thus, cross-cultural training is necessary in today's business world.
Cross-cultural training can be separated into two major parts. Understanding the culture is thefirst step where cross-cultural training begins; living with the different culture is the second step that employees have to face. It is difficult to understand the foreign culture without living in the foreign country. First, the employees have to study general knowledge in daily life. Fo

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