Cross-Cultural Negotiations

Cross-cultural negotiations is the interactions, typically in business, that occur between various cultures.These negotiations are typically viewed as occurring between various nations, but cross-cultural studies can also occur between different cultures within the same nation, such as between European-Americans and Native Americans.
As the world becomes more and more interdependent as a result in the expansion of globalization and international business relations, cross-cultural negotiations are becoming a common feature in business and political transactions.This being the case, understanding how cross-cultural negotiations occur is an important skill to have.Thus, there has been an abundance of research and literature conducted and written on the topic.What follows is a brief review of the current literature available on the topic of cross-cultural negotiations.
I.Hendon, Donald W., Herbig, Paul and Rebecca Angeles Hendon. (1999). Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations.New York: Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.
This book focuses on cross-cultural negotiations as they apply to international business.Its premise is that many business opportunities have been lost due to cultural misunderstandings.To prevent this problem from occurring, special emphasis needs to be placed on adequate attention to details and a better understanding of the cultural heritage of the other negotiating team.What is most beneficial of this book is that it is written by international business practitioners and comes with a country-by-country profile containing relevant cultural advice.
II.Magala, Slawomir. (2005).Cross-Cultural Competence.New York: Taylor & Francis, Inc.
This work focuses on successful cross-cultural management as being the key to international business.At the most basic level of cross-cultural negotiations is cultural competency, or a cultural literacy.In other words, thefirst step to successful cross-cultur…

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