The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Lost Croatia to independence on June 25, 1991.Since then Croatia has made extensive progress in its attempts and struggles to form a democratic state. Croatia's government consists of a presidential parliamentary system.Croatia's democratic transition began back in 1989, "when the LCY (League of Communists of Yugoslavia) gave in to Eastern and Central Europe's democratic tide and legalized other political parties."(History)As a result, throughout the 90's Croatia formed new major political parties, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), the Social Democratic Party (SDP), and the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS).Together the SDP and the HSLS formed a coalition with the Croatian Peasants' Party, they named the party the Croatian people's party (HNS).
Problems arose when Nationalist Franjo Tudjman became President of the Republic in 1990; he immediately began to fire Serbs from positions of political power.This began or rather resulted from a series of ethnic problems that took place throughout the former Yugoslavia, leading up to and including the Bosnian war.During the violence Serbia attempted to ethnically cleans the Former Yugoslavia area of Bosnian Serbs, Muslims, and Croats. (Sacco)
The ethnic tension that took place between people and the countries strained relations definitely had a negative effect on each countries ability to integrate into successfully Democratic societies. " The Croatian Democratic Union dominated Croatian politics for thefirst ten years of the countries independence, from 1990 until the death of President and Party leader Franjo Tudjiman in December of 1999." (Croatian Democratic Union) During this time the party and leaders did what they could to make the transition to Democracy smooth, quick and beneficial to everyone. The transition to enterprise privatization that took place in Croatia i

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