To Conform or not When one is pondering the question, what do the laws mean by stating that Socrates needed to be obedient because of all that the laws have done for him, you can find the meaning in the text of the Crito. The law states, that if they were not there, Socrates would not have been born. Because it was by them, that his mother and father were married. The laws also states that if it were not for them, Socrates would not be as educated as he was. Because it was the law that education derived from, and if it had not been created, Socrates father could not have educated him in Arts and physical culture. The law also believes, that without them, Socrates would not even exist. So therefore, Socrates should not be disobeying them when he in fact owes them for his existence and all he knows. For according to the law, they gave him birth, nurtured him, educated him, and gave him all that they possibly could. But is that a good reason for obeying an unjust law? Is Socrates!
really indebted to the laws? I believe the answer to that is in the question. If something is unjust then it is wrong, and aren't we supposed to not be submitting ourselves to wrong, and instead doing right. But Socrates says, in the Crito, if you are wronged you should not do wrong in return, because you should never "do" wrong. He believes that the laws are wrong, but if he disobeys them, he is doing wrong. To receive wrong and perform wrong is never right. I agree but I also disagree. I agree that to do wrong because someone or something has wronged you are wrong. I think that by doing so, you are stooping to a level of ignorance and therefore hurting yourself more than anything is. Because to hurt when someone else has hurt you, only leads to you ultimately hurting more. But I do not agree that by disobeying an unjust law you are doing wrong. It is unjust, unfair, and unnecessary, so by not following it, you are doing more right than wrong….

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