Critique on the levels of analysis

At the beginning of J. David Singer's article, hefirst made use of simple conditions to dwell on and thus establishing the essence of having a model and a point of focus in one's examination of a particular phenomena that emphasizes on the political environment of a country. I agree when he cited that we tend to be at ease with our present status and for that reason, our drive to move forward to a better position is delayed because our concentration has been spread out and consequently, we fail to start.
This essay points out the theoretical implications and consequences of the two of the most widely used models in rationalizing a state's international relations. These are the International System and the National State as levels of analysis. The author alsoprovided a brief discussion on the key elements in analyzing a model. He stressed that it should be descriptive, explanatory and predictive. To me, this implies that the construction of a model for the purpose of one's analysis, is somewhat sophisticated in the manner of its technique and attributed mainly to the ontological positions holdingthe study. The relativity of one's interpretation on a given information is for the fact that not every one of us think alike and that it is subjective to one's understanding.
Frommy point of view, the International System, the merging of information in the formulation of general assumptions, could not be at all times be applicable to all the participating bodies. It may do so but the impact may not be of essence to one as that it would create in the other. I believe that the purpose of a homogenized image is to find only the relationships that exist and to measure the influence of these relationships to the subjects involved. This homogenized image therefore provides only an abstract thought or idea because of…

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