CRITIQUE Dawn of a New Lawn by Andy Wasowski

Dawn of a New Lawn by Andy Wasowski is, interestingly, a critical
view of a seeminglyharmless’ topic and activity, that of gardening and
landscaping.Indeed, the appropriate title Wasowski uses in his article
illustrates that the “dawn” he is referring to is criticism that he
discusses on the dysfunctions of residential landscapes in American
society, particularly on its adverse effects on the environment.
The author’s critical discussion of the topic stems from the fact
that unknown to most people, residential landscapes, while being
aesthetically functional, has its dysfunctions as well, such as the high
cost of maintenance of the said activity, particularly because “it is
flagrantly wasteful of drinking water and nonrenewable resources,” as
quoted in the article.Apart from stressing the dysfunction that
residential landscaping does to the environment, the author centers his
attention how this social norm and activity has pervaded the lives of
American society for many years.Indeed, more than a social activity,
residential landscaping has become a social norm and phenomenon in the
Wasowski offers a fresh outlook at environmentalism in the context of
rapid urbanization in the country.Residential landscaping has often been
viewed by many as an activity that is both aesthetically and
environmentallyfunctional’;;;that is, this activity does not only beautify,
but also enriches the surroundings and provide balance to the planet’s
ecosystem.However, as discussed in the article, these assumptions are far
from the truth.As the author explains the adverse effects of residential
landscaping, readers areenlightened’ and informed about its dysfunctions.
Far from being an act of environmentalism, landscaping is but another
human society’s way of unbalancing the already depleted resources of
Supporting Wasowski’s contentions regarding resi…

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