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I’ve chosen the topic: ‘Global Warming’ to analyse bacause it has become a major scientific and social issue during the past decade. Global Warming-the increase in greenhouse gasses- has captured broad public attention. It should be investigated because it would easily demage the nature and many soico-cultural aspects of life. In the following paragraps, I will introduce you some of the writers, such as Vaclav Smil, Ross Gelbspan ,John Bongaarts and Jennifer Mccullough and their approaches to this global problem.
My starting point will be in giving you the issues mainly discussed by these writers.First of all, although these commentators differenciate in their approaches, they all agree that the green-house effect would have catastrophic consequences that can be easily observed on earth.They all chose to begin their articles by identifying what global warming is and the reasons for it.Then they all indicate possible solutions inorder to solve the problem or at least minimize the effects.Moreover, they emphasize on the governmental and international actions which have been taken to cope with this long crisis.All of them interprets through a crossinternational framework.That’s because ‘Global Warming’ has been a world problem.
However, the articles differ in many ways.The way they explain the issues are not the same.Vaclav Smil for example, discusses about the issue more generally, by giving some historical data and responses from people.On the other hand, jennifer McCullough only talks about one of the governmental actions: ‘Kyoto agreement’ and the responsibilities of an individual for decreasing the CO2 emmisions per year.So, Vaclav Smil follows a historical approach in expressing his ideas.On the other side, Stephen H. Schneider, in his article named:’Greenhouse Effect’, emphasizes more on scientific and political studies on Global Warming.He points out the scientific issues surround

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