Critical Analysis of Human Freedom

Free will, the definition can be read as, the ability or discretion to choose; free choice unconstrained by external agencies.Are we truly free?This question has baffled theorists and psychologists for centuries.If someone were to comment from a biological perspective, the answer would be no, humans do not have free will.The same is true for the majority of psychological perspectives.The humanistic as well as the cognitive perspective believe we as humans dictate and have the ability to change as well as control what happens in our daily lives.The problem with this is that there is no defining answer to this question.I will attempt to give my opinion on this question as well as validate it with information from different psychological perspectives.
>From a humanistic-existential approach, humans are free to determine their own behavior (Rathus20).A behaviorist would contrast this thinking greatly, implying that this is not observable and therefore cannot be regarded as a natural science.I agree with this mentality because psychology is supposed to be an imperial science.This means that it should be experimental, and emphasize observation and measurement.From the humanistic perspective you cannot reasonably deduct that, we have free choice because you cannot study an observable reaction to stimulus.
I am in agreement with the behavioral psychologists in thinking that human beings are conditioned from birth to be what they will.In my opinion, we do not have the option of being "free".Free will is an idea that humans think they posses but in actuality does not exist at all.According to Rathus, from a behavioral perspective, people tend to do things they are reinforced to do (12).We create "habits" that we do on a constant basis.Therefor through constant reinforcement, we adjust our behavior to adapt to the current situation (Rathus13).In essence, this is telling us that we are not…

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