Critical Analysis of Gnder Polarization

When asked the question, do you believe that some kinds of work are women's and other work is designed for men it took me a while to come up with a clear, concise answer.Upon further evaluation, I came to the conclusion that yes; gender roles in my opinion exist to maintain a consistent "natural" order to our lives, and are necessary for our survival.This opinion goes against the majority of my women predecessors, being that the woman's movement for gender equality has been an ongoing battle for generations.Although the majority of people that share my views would be either from a variety of other cultures, or deeply religious, neither of which would apply to my beliefs.I have come this conclusion based on three different facts, thefirst being that there are biological differences between the genders, the second being cognitive differences, and the last would be the different social behaviors displayed be the two genders.
Every human organism carries 23 pair of chromosomes, 22 of which are very similar individual to individual and one outstanding exception. In females there is a pairing of the long X chromosome, but in the male one X in the pair is substituted with the much shorter Y chromosome containing the gene for the testis-determining factor (Burkett3). The discussion of biological differences between the genders is one of great importance.Biologically speaking, the gap between males and females is enormous.Significant gender differences in the biological structures of the brain at molecular levels involve neuronal density, connectivity, and synaptic biochemical reactivity (Burkett4).According to Rathus, hormones play a role in gender differences (478).For instance, males have more testosterone in their bodies therefore leading them to "naturally" be more aggressive than women who have lower amounts of testosterone. This information cannot be argued, it is fact; immediately one c…

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