Crisis on America

Crisis of America: the Attack
September 11, 2001 marked a day which will live in emphamy.
Four domestic air carriers were hijacked by terrorists.Two were
crashed into the World Trade Center Towers, one to the Pentagon,
and one in Pennsylvania.Now the United States is known for
being a state of freedom and unity, but were we too vulnerable
and to open to this attack believed to be by Osama Bin Laden.
The reasons for the attack on America are lack of security, the
element of suprise, and a strong belief in freedom.

First, the reason for the attack on America was a lack of
security.Statistics have began to show that their is more
security on international flights than on domestic air carriers.
Obviously the terrorists studied this piece of information and
was able to plan from it.Statistics and tests from the
goverment have also proven that security sometimes judge people
on how they look and decide whether they should check them or
not.And buy this method,some of the goverment officials were
able to slip by with knives and box cutters too.So should we
blame the security for this traumatizing crime?I don't believe
that's for us to decide.But we can state as a main factor that
the reason for the attack on America was a lack of security.
Secondly, the reason for the attack on America was the
element of surprise.Let's just be truthful,The United States
believed that this could never happen.We spend so much time
helping other countries and continents that we left ourselves
open to anything.And It just so happens that someone finally
took advantage of that openess.Through years of planning and
being taught in our country,terrorists were able to manipulate
metal detectors and board airplanes with boxcutters and knives
and hijack them.But not only did they hijack them, they took
out the transponders and were able to fly the machines into what
caused the mo…

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