Criminal Tendencies

Say the word marijuana and people immediately associate it with something: crime, druggies, lack of motivation, or other negative connotations.For far too long in American culture millions have believed propaganda about marijuana, spread by the government, without ever educating themselves.Marijuana, which comes from the cannabis plant, is not nearly as harmful as it has been made out to be.Opponents scream that smoking pot kills brain cells and gives cancer to users.Alcohol kills brain cells, is an addictive drug, and is legal.Tobacco gives cancer to users, is an addictive drug, and is legal.Pot smokers are often stereotyped as being unmotivated, burned out failures, despite many avid users from all avenues of life.Success depends on the individual, not the hobby in which they indulge.Furthermore, many events, including movies, music, and even sex can be enhanced through the euphoric feeling attained by smoking cannabis.Essentially, smoking marijuana is a victimless crime that enhances everyday activities without hindering personal successes.
Marijuana, when inhaled, gives the user a euphoric feeling which includes an altered perception of time and distance, intensified sensory experiences, and increased laughter.Ironically, euphoric is defined as a greater state of happiness and stems from the Latin word euphoros, meaning healthy.It was legal in this country until 1937, when the government passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which required tax stamps to obtain marijuana that were never supplied.The government feared that cannabis would compete with newly invented synthetic fiber, and thus they began spreading negative propaganda about marijuana.
Because of this propaganda, peopl associate marijuana with harsher illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin.However, it is important to separate marijuana from this group.Marijuana is naturally grown, harvested, dried, and smoked, much like tobacco.Cocaine and

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