Criminal Profiling of a Serial Killer

Sad and horrific events happen all over the world, all the time.Robberies, hate crimes, killings, and vandalism are to name a few.The truth is that people are murdered every day.This is a sad fact, but it is life.Friends kill friends, students kill students, even husbands kill wives.Serial killers and mass murderers are all throughout America, as well as other countries all over the world.It's hard to imagine any human being wanting to kill another person.There are many kinds of killers, and they fall into different groups bytheir criminal profiles.The criminal profile of a serial killer falls under many categories and has different characteristics than those of other murderers.
First it is important to know some background information on the investigative technique more known as criminal profiling.It is hard to say whom exactly developed a criminal profile.It depends on what literature your information comes from.According to, psychologists and psychiatrists would often provide advice to police agencies as to the type of criminal they should seek for, as well as why the criminal intended to carry out the crime(Petherick).Origins of the FBI profiling unit can go back to two men whofirst began profiling, Howard Tetan and Pat Mullany(Petherick).Again, depending on the literature one reads, the development of the criminal profiling over the past several decades usually will be attributed to the Behavioral Sciences Unit at the FBI Academy(Petherick).Some common names of professional criminal profilers are John Douglas, Robert Ressler, and Roy Hazelwood.Criminal profiling methods are not all the same, it depends on the person arranging the profile as well as the crime.The FBI's method compares the behavior of the current offender with the offenders the profiler has done in the past(Petherick).When John Douglasfirst began to come up with his profiles, he already had a p…

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