Criminal Justice

From the sight, I connected to the Middletown Police Department home page.Due to the recent happenings at the world trade center the page has been devoted to how we, the citizen can help out.It also gives a picture and if clicked a biography of the police Chief John F. Pollinger.It asks that we reflect on our everyday lives and appreciate what we have.
The Middletown Police homepage's employment branch provides valuable information including requirements for employments.You must be the age of 18 to work for the Middletown Police Department, a Monmouth County resident, and no older than thirty-five years.An extensive physical and mental examination must be passed to qualify for a job.
Job specifications are also included,first on the list is police officer. The sites definition is: During an assigned tour of duty, on foot, or in an automobile, an officer patrols a defined block of land to provide assistance and protection for citizens, to protect property, to ensure the law is upheld, and to detain criminals; and performs related tasks as required.
It distinguishes characteristics of the typical Police Officer, such as the issuing of summons, to protect the public and enforce the laws.They also inspect suspicious things such as parked cars in odd places, and strange packages or people in random places.They regulate traffic between pedestrians and automotive crossings, and are thefirst on the scene when an accident occurs.
It also gives a listing of what duties are performed by said officer in any given day.The officer is responsible for equipment checks, both to personal gear and his
Cruiser.He is also responsible for maintenance of his vehicle, including cleanliness and as far as the wax job.
The officer deals with: Car accident, traffic laws, inspects and researches such violations.The officer performs arrests and crowd control in some situations.When no other vehicle i…

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