Criminal Justice and Injustice

The Declaration of Independence stated, “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” (Jefferson). But how much of that is true? Since the very beginning of the legal system in the United States, there has been inequality. Appearance has held such precedence for Americans. Now, with the threat of terrorists, many use racial stereotypes to determine who is accountable for our unsafe environment. Color remains a powerful instrument for discrimination in the criminal justice system. Discrimination has been a large part of our society. But how can we overcome discrimination while the forces that protect us are one of the major causes?Police are using differential treatment upon minorities. In one case, which happened on March 3, 1991, four Los Angeles police officers brutally beat African American, Rodney King. When they brought the case to court, they moved it to a nearly all-white community without any jurors whom were African American. Some believe there are two justice systems: one for whites and one for people of color. Many feel the system is administered almost exclusively by whites and designed to protect the white lives and property but provide minimal protection to the life and safety of minorities like Rodney King.
Because of the recent terrorists attacks, now more than ever, police are using racial profiling on anyone they feel is a threat or looks suspicious. The criminal justice system groups together all members of a particular race according to the actions of a relative few. By casting a negative light toward being Arab, Black, Mexican, Asian or any number of other ethnic races, the criminal justice system clearly demonstrates a great deal of ignorance and disrespect for that individual; just because someone is a member of a certain race does not mean that he or she represents any of the negative insinuations associated with that race. The September 11th terrorist …

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