Criminal justice

Fine: This option tends to be the most commonly used option by the courts. A fine maybe imposed on both summary and indictable convictions. Depending on the nature of the conviction and length of sentence a fine can be imposed alone or in combination with a prison term or with probation. The maximum allowable fine for a summary conviction is 2000 dollars in the case of an individual and 25,000 dollars in the case of a corporation.
Prohibitions and Forfeiture: Under certain conditions and in addition to an imposed sentence the courts may direct that a person be prohibited from certain activities. For example a person convicted of impaired driving will be prohibited from operating a motor vehicle for a specific period of time. Another example might be that a person will be prohibited from owning a firearm for a designated period of time. As well certain convictions could result in the forfeiture of property if it was used in the commission of an offence or was obtained through the proceeds of a criminal offence. An example of this might be that the Crown might require the person to forfeit their boat if it was used in the commission of a drug importation conviction.
Absolute and Conditional Discharge: These options are used forfirst time offenders charged with minor offences. When an individual receives an Absolute discharge, he/she is discharged from the courts and has no further obligation to the justice system. An individual who receives a conditional discharge is subject to conditions of a probation order. Violation of these conditions or further convictions could result in the conditional release being revoked and conviction on the original offence for which he/she received the conditional discharge.
Incarceration: The courts can impose a provincial or federal term. The sentence imposed will be determined by the nature of the offence and conviction. A provincial term is any sentence up to two years less a day.
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