Criminal Justice

One of the perspectives that I personally agree with is the crime control perspective.I think that this is one of the most important perspectives that the law system can have.One of the reasons that I agree with this perspective, is that when someone commits a crime serious or not, they are going to go to court and they are going to be tried on the crime that they committed.
Say I am a young child around the age of 13 and I am fooling around with my friends by throwing rocks at a work vehicle at a construction site.All of my friends are throwing rocks, including myself and then a cop pulls up and everybody runs but me.I didn't run because I knew it would be wrong to run from a police officer.He writes me up on a charge of destruction of property.Then later on, my case goes to trial and the judge gives me 10 hrs community service.The judge said he was going to go light on me because it was myfirst offence and told me that it better not happen again.Now would you say that was fair punishment for the crime, this is where I like the crime control perspective.Since this person was afirst time offender, the judge babied him for his actions and I'm sure that this taught him a lesson.Now say if I was 17 and I committed pre-meditated murder.The jury would convict me on that crime and sentence me to death by lethal injection.That would be a fair punishment because I am a cold blooded killer who knows what he is doing.
One of the perspectives that I do not like is the rehabilitation perspective.I disagree with this perspective for many reasons.One of the reasons that I disagree with this perspective, is that I do no believe criminals can be rehabilitated.If you murdered somebody, and they let them out, not only did that person take a life, that person has the mind set and the capabilities to do it again.I believe that once a person has chosen to disobey the law, they should not be let back or let ba…

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