Criminal Justice

I grew up in most of my life and had been around police.When we were little the D.A.R.E. cops would come into the classroom and teach us things about drugs and their job.I remember wanting to be a police officer when I was younger.Then something happened.I grew up and saw exactly what police did.One of myfirst experiences with police was when I was a sophomore.It was the week before spring break and my friends had called and wanted to go up to.So I called a couple of girlfriends of mine Jody and Nancy and asked them what they were doing.After talking to them for a few minutes, I had realized that they had been drinking.So I told them to stay where they were and I that I would come pick them up because I did not want them driving drunk.So I met up with B.jay, Mike, Joey, and Jordan, and they got some beer and we went driving up towards the mountain.Joey was 21 but did not buy the beer for Jody or Nancy.So we drove up into the snow and all was well we got out made a small fire and played in the snow for about an hour or two.It was not too much longer until we started to make our way down the mountain.It was snowing hard that night and we were driving slowly.I mean none of us were in a hurry to get home or anything.Well Joey was driving in front of us and I was following him.We were driving down the highway when all of a sudden I see a Washington State Patrol vehicle. I was relieved when the officer kept on driving.Meanwhile little did I know that Joey and Jordan had got into a fight and Joey had stopped the Jeep.Well, Jordan thought that she would get out, walk, and get in with me.So I pull up on Jordan walking down the road and ask her what the problem was, she explained that her and Joey got into a fight and that she didn't want to ride with him anymore.So here we all were on the side of the highway when all of a sudden I see headlights break around the corner.At that moment, I kn…

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