Criminal DNA

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. The fundamental issue of tonight's debate is the protection of citizen's privacy. As technology advances it is essential we choose the central lane, a balance between civil liberties and crime investigation. A DNA database would be both immoral in the unregulated invasion of privacy and impractical in the size and cost of such a scheme. However,firstly I have ** main problems with the affirmatives case.
For our team split I asfirst speaker will discuss with you the political and economical aspects of the debate. Whilst my second speaker will continue, concerned with the technological as well as social side of the issue. I have four main points.
Firstly, the enforced testing of criminal DNA will weaken the fabric of human rights in Australia. DNA is the molecule that encodes the entire hereditary information about an individual. Under the proposed scheme convicted persons would be denied the right of any privacy with authorities having access to such personal information. The affirmative team may have you believe that an innocent person has nothing to fear, but it seems reasonable to assert that an innocent person would have many things to fear if measures are not put in place to protect convicted individuals from unwarranted invasion of privacy. A person previously convicted of a crime would be subject to having their DNA taken and placed on profile for an indefinite period of time. The president of Liberty Victoria stated,' this is an inappropriate infringement on human rights. This is giving people a new penalty, a new obligation, after they have served their time, this is fundamentally offensive.' The ABC has released an article describing the inhumane treatment of a prisoner when he reused to provide a DNA sample. Security footage shows police in full riot gear, extracting bloiod fro a prisoner pinned to the ground. Authorities use such force to obtain something that…

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