Crime Scene Processing Protocol

In the order of completing a work task certain criteria to complete the work task is needed. Crime scene processing is no different than other work related tasks such as exchanging a motor in a car, painting a portrait or preparing a meal. There are certain tasks related to each work objective. In the field of crime scene processing, several books and television programmes have been written and aired on what these tasks are and how they should be incorporated into the field of crime scene processing. Yet each book or television programmes focus only in the technique used, not in the change of the basic protocol used for the processing of crime scenes. However there is a basic scene protocol that should be adhered to in all crime scenes.
Thefirst step in processing a crime scene is interview. The crime scene technician must interview thefirst officer at the scene or victim to determine the "theory" of the case. Basically supposedly happened, what crime took place, and how was the crime committed. This information may not factual information but it will give the crime scene technician a base from which to start.
The second step is to examine the crime scene. Examine the crime scene to determine if the "theory" of the case is supported by what the crime scene technician observes. Examining the scene to identify possible items of evidentiary nature, identify the point of entry and point of exit, and getting the general layout of the crime scene.
Photograph the crime scene as the third step in the protocol. Photographing the crime scene to record a pictorial view of what the scene looks like and to record items of possible evidence. Crime scene photographs are generally taken in two categories, overall views and items of evidence.
Sketch the crime scene is the fourth step in the protocol. A rough sketch is completed by the crime scene technician to demonstrate the layout of the crime scene or

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