Crime and the Death Penalty

For most crimes committed in the United States a fine,
sentence of time in jail or execution is the punishment. However, the
death penalty is the most questionable punishment. Is it morally
right?Is it effective in deterring crime, primarily murders? Weather
or not you agree if it is moral or not, one issue remains. The death
penalty is not an effective way to deter crime.
The death penalty has existed as long as humans have
existed. The quote “an eye for an eye” is found in the Bible. In the
middle ages fines, public humiliation and imprisonment were
appropriate punishments for all crimes, and death penalty for all
murders. Today, Federal law states that the death penalty is to be
enforced with convicted criminals for: treason; deserting armed
forces during wartime; murder committed by a soldier; kidnapping and
murder that involves crossing state lines; murder committed during an
airplane hijacking; and of course, homicide. The death penalty is
also called for punishment of for: attempting to kill anyone
investigating or prosecuting his or her activities; advising,
directing, authorizing or assisting in the murder of someone. Also,
The Anti-Drug abuse act of 1988 calls for the death penalty for all
drug related killings.Along with that, The bill amending sec. 848
to controlled substances act calls for the death penalty or life
imprisonment for certain drug offences possession of 10 or more kg of
heroin, cocaine, phencyclidine or analogue. Added to that, The drug
kingpin act sates the use of death penalty for convicted major drug
dealers caught with huge quantities of drugs, over 66 lbs. of heroin
and 330 lbs. of cocaine. Even though there are these federal laws
requiring the use of the death penalty for the crimes, State laws only
consider one crime, murder, to be a capital offense.
In the United …

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