Crime and Television

Crime and Television, Could There Be A Connection? Watching the news a few days ago, I came across some startlinginformation.According to new statistics, the crime rate and inmatepopulation in the United States has gone up 20% from the year2001 to 2002.These statistics include the rise in juvenile crimeas well.It is being said that this increasing problem is beingcaused by the dramatic increase in violent television programs. Itis proven that violent acts being witnessed or viewed day after daymay numb ones sense of right and wrong, which can result in alapse in judgment causing violent behavior.This is particularlytrue amongst young viewers.With the rise of violent televisionprogramming and the rate at which young people are watchingtelevision, we may soon have a tremendous problem.Most prisons now a day are holding more and more youngoffenders.The statistics are getting scary and so are the peopleunder the age of 25 who are committing them.In most prisonscontaining only males, 66% of the inmates are there due to violentcrimes and 30% of them are under 22 years old.Such crimesinclude homicide, rape, abuse, molestation, etc.These areserious allegations that most of the criminals have willinglyadmitted to or have been proven to commit the crime without adoubt.It is strange to think of a human being actually doing someof these horrible things.What can possibly go on in a person’shead to trigger such violent behavior?Violent crime prisonerusually have some sort of”battered past”, as the CriminalPsychiatric Division calls it.A “battered past” is defined by havingprevious criminal history, abuse, neglect, or other suchcircumstances while growing up.Such issues are said to causepermanent psychological damage sometimes, more often thannot, causing violent or damaging behavior in their future.Thisbehavior may not be visible right away.It may tak…

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