Crime is a part of everyday life in big cities.It is common and sometimes routine.People in big cities just have to deal with it, because there is not always a solution to the problem.However, I believe it is all in the way someone looks at the situation.They can either accept and move on, or be filled with anger for the rest of their life.
For example the characters in the stort story seemed to always be there for one another.They all pitched in food and everything else, because they saw crime had gotten the best of the situation at hand.Having crime rule your streets cannot be easy, butdoes not have to rule your life.On the other hand, crime in small cities is not an everyday prsoblem.Crime does happen, but not nearly as often as in big cities.In a small town it seems like one is never affected by crime.We just know someone who has been.Crime is one of those things you see on the six o clock news or read in the papere.It does not make or break one’s day.
The bottom line is yes crime is a problem.In big cities the problem seems huge and even though small cities do not tend to have as many crimes it is still an issue.It will probably always be an issue, but we can make a difffence by working together and staying strong for one another.

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