Credit…Then and NOw

Credit is something that people make a real big deal about.I can make or break a person's financial life.There is so much that you can do by just having credit.People don't realize what it can do if you mess up.
At a young age, man and women seem to think that credit is everything.Which in some cases it could be.You might need to get a car but don't have the money right off.So they have to rely on their credit.I would have to say the when were young were foolish.We often over extend out selves with our bills.Most likely because we haven't had any experience with paying any bills.So they get these offers from credit card companies give these great deals with no deposit or anything.These companies target foolish young people because were not very wise with some things, like money. One of the differences from the 1950's to 2000.Forty years later the difference that stands out the most is that they give them to people now that have bad credit.They give them lower maximum amount they can charge.
To me I think that the differences between now and then are few and far between.It just seems that there hasn't been much that has changed.People who own businesses are your friends to your face.Their only concern is to take your money.One difference I see is the way they do it.Then, just the fact that they would do it was enough to win you over.Now, they give you this or that when you join, but what they may not tell you is that if you miss a payment or something then they might fine you 50.00 bucks or something.My point is that now they really won't tell you everything unless you ask.Which they may still not tell you everything.Most of the time if you are smart with you money then everything will be okay.Another change that I have noticed is that then if you paid with a credit card then you were considered a big spender.Still some may consider that, but if yo…

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