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I was just sitting outside the Latrobe University Agora quietly doing some reading completely immersed in my pages, that no noise or chit chatting invaded my being or anything had the strength to take my attention. I was deep into the history pages preparing for my next day's History tutorial and written assignment. I was in that rare superb stage of concentration that is like a time travel to another time and space. All is silent as you weave through the past, and observe history moving ahead, mesmerised at the times of advancement in civilization or times of downfall, when something like a cold wind or invisible presence moved, and I lifted my head up. Students seemed to be passing bye chatting, but I hardly looked at them, instead I immersed my self in the sign, Save the Earth and it took by whole attention. This sudden change came over me as if the world, this earth and science struck a cord in my being and was asking me for some help. Save the sciences, save the earth, save education, save enlightenment, all these thoughts came in a rush into my mind. Money, money is needed, but could a will and inspiration give us the power to keep earth sciences and other studies not be axed? Forever we shall not live to wilt power over the weak, but surely, we can have a better world with knowledge. Can we ever have the possibility again to have free education, and not having to buy it, or beg for it or force it? It seems education has been becoming elitist, but elitist educations is found more in the poorer countries of the world where survival is the priority of the masses and education for the elite class. Moreover, we seem to treat education more as a trading commodity as times go on, and only the majority will suffer most from our educational lapses with a sad world becoming smaller, and I mean a world of smaller men or humans. I saw the sign of save the earth and its science, but I saw also the dedicated young studen…

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