Creationism vs Evolutionism

Reflection Essay 1: Evolutionism vs. Creationism
Evolutionism versus creationism is an ongoing issue.Creationism
was used by a means of explaining the origin of the world, by means of
mostly predictions.After the science of evolution was discovered, the
theory of creation no longer held water.
The dictionary defines evolutionism as: (Webster's Seventh New
Collegiate Dictionary, 1963) a belief that the process by which through a
series of changes or steps a living organism has acquired its morphological
and physiological characters.Creationism is the act of the world being
producedby a supreme being.I support the former basically because it is
backed up by scientific fact, while creationism isn't.
Most all history books declare that scientists have found remnants of
past beings, closely resembling creatures existing now, and more closely
resembling those beings over time.Creationism theories lack this scientific
base, further making it only a myth.In 1999 the Creationism vs.
Evolutionism-Group 1 page said, "Both creation and evolution sciences
consist of theories and hypotheses, but evolutionism can support itself with
evidence-based facts, creationism can't."
These statements aren't to say that creationism and evolutionism are
mutually exclusive.One can in fact support both at once.In 1999 the
Creationism vs Evolutionism-Group1 page revealed that many private
religious schools teach evolutionism.The website also states a survey was
given in 1996 to the nation's leading scientists and researchers.The results
revealed 70 percent of the participants have strong religious convictions.
Therefore, evolution doesn't completely eliminate the possibilty of a
Creationism and evolutionism aren't completely reconcilable, though.

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