Creationism VS Evolution

Evolution is not only improbable but clearly impossible.Extensive evidence against evolution is uncovered with every major scientific discovery.Every evolutionist “fact” can easily be rebuked by creationists.
Twelve supposed hominoids have been discovered and presented as supporting evidence to evolution.While in all actuality nine of the twelve supposed hominids are actually extinct species of ape.While the remaining three are completely developed humans.Neanderthals were once considered pre-humans by evolutionists but recent studies have shown that the Neanderthals are completely developed humans (Homo sapiens) suffering from bone diseases caused by vitamin D deficiency.Many textbooks still display Neanderthals as pre-humans, which, for the sake of scientific accuracy, needs to be corrected.There have been many mistakes and hoaxes involving early humans.The Nebraska man was “discovered” in 1922.It was made famous by Henry Osborn of the American museum of natural history.This tooth was used at the Scopes “monkey” trial in 1925 as irrefutable evidence of the animal ancestry of man.This specimen was so overblown that a “picture” of the Nebraska man and his wife were published in the London daily news, all from a tooth.When the rest of the skeleton of the beast were found in 1927, it turned out to be noting but an extinct pig.In addition, because of this mishap, evolution has been taught as fact in our public schools.
The evolutionists believe that new traits come about by chance, by random changes in genes called “mutations.That may be great for the evolutionists but in the real world, mutations are responsible for genetic defects, including hemophilia, albinism, and certain kinds of cancer and brain malfunction.Neo-Darwinists, commonly called evolutionists, believe that mutations are the raw material of evolution.The intelligent design scientists (not creationists) response in a simple mutations…

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