Creation vs. Evolution

There was and is a battle on Creation and Evolution.
The evolution theory about the big bang is wrong.
There are alot of mistakes in it.Thefirst mistake is that the moon gets farther every year by about 2.66 inchees…if the earch was only 100,000,000 years old, the moon was then touching the earth.And the tides would be so big that they would cover the earth 2 times a day (remember that u could only die ones).
The second fault is that the evolutionists say that the dinosaurs are extinct, and that they r millions of years old.But i don’t believe that because scientists carbon dated a seal that just died, and it said that it was 23,000 years old.
To my opinion evolution is the dumbest theory that they teach in schools.It is just that i don’t get why does everyone have to pay just so that the kids will be tought a big lie.Not saying that evolution theory is a religion.Because u cannot prove that it happened.If they let evolution be taught in public schools, why won’t they let Creation be taught in public schools?It is probably because of the New World Order. The NWO is an organization that wants to make all of the people robots.They want to put chips into humans and control them.If there is a Creator, then thye know that they will have to follow the laws of Him, and they don’t want to believe that because they want to do what they like, not what they want.

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