Creation and Cures


Imagine not worrying about being perfect.Having IQ levels better than Einstein, but with an appealing appearance, singing better than the Backstreet Boys, and playing a favorite sport like a professional.Well, fortunately scientists have found a way of making those imaginative thoughts into reality through Genetic Engineering. Decades ago genetic engineering began, in its most simplest form, by cross breeding crops and cattle as well as domestic pets.Different traits were strengthened while other traits were lessened in these organisms.Now with a better understanding of the genome genetic engineering has taken on another level.Scientists can now insert or activate, genes within our DNA which results in turning on or off or adding and removing traits.
Scientists should use genetic engineering to improve our lifestyle.Just by inserting or removing that extra gene they can examine a human before birth and prevent humans from having diseases."Positive eugenics encouraged parents displaying favorable characteristics to have large families.Superior intelligence, intellectual achievement, and artistic talent are examples." (Klug10).Almost every parent wants the best for his or her child and genetic engineering can provide some of those'wants' by transferring genes.In the future if genetic engineering is proposed, I for one would surely want to make my child into someone with a high IQ level, and I know many people would do the same too.Most parents take their children to piano lessons or swimming lessons and/or even pay for a school tutor, but if one could insert that one gene think about all the time and money one could save.I mean it is not like we're not transferring genes right now; take vegetables as an example.Most scientist or farmers breed plants which consist of special genes for better results, and until this day they are sold across North America.Geneti…

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