Creating a Fog Chamber

Meteorology classically defined as the science that deals with the phenomena of the atmosphere, especially weather and weather conditions, is a fairly new science that is practiced by Meteorologists.They are people who interpret weather information from local weather observers, balloons, satellites, and weather stations around the world.In more common vernacular, a Meteorologist reads weather maps, predicts and records weather from atmospheric occurrence.The part of Meteorology that will be discussed throughout this paper are: water vapor, precipitation types, cloud types, and fog types.It is important to understand these topics in order to understand how our project, building a fog machine, works and for us to efficiently understand the principles behind building one.
Water vapor is a common term that one probably understands as evaporated water.Essentially this is a correct assumption but this evaporated water makes up our atmosphere and is the most essential element to meteorology.The water vapor is evaporated from the earth's surface from lakes, oceans, rivers, streams, etc.In areas of large amounts of water, it is often noticed that there is a greater occurrence of water vapor.The amount of water vapor in the air is measured in two different methods, relative humidity and dew point.The relative humidity, RH, is a percentage which incorporates the ratio of water vapor which is included in a certain amount of air/space.It is a measure of how close air is to saturation.Air gets saturated like anything else, i.e. salt and water eventually you can't dissolve any more salt into a give amount of water.One percent relative humidity would be almost completely unsaturated, versus 100 percent saturated would be completely saturated.The es stands the saturation limit, the most water that the air could hold, and the e stands for the environmental pressure in the following formula.The formula for relati…

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