Creatine in NCAA Baseball

Mark McGwire uses it.Sammy Sosa uses it.The Atlanta Braves have tubs of it in their locker room.Then why does Scott Carnahan, Linfield College's varsity baseball coach and coach of the 1994 U.S.A. Olympic baseball team emphasize, "I will not participate in distributing it to any of my players"?It is Creatine and it has become a health concern among most NCAA baseball coaches in Oregon.
Creatine is a substance that is naturally produced in every human being.Every adult has around 130 grams of Creatine in their body.It allows us to run fast, lift hard, and react quickly.These are all the essentials of NCAA baseball.In recent years, Creatine had been developed as a food supplement to enhance muscle performance.So why wouldn't NCAA baseball coaches in Oregon distribute the food supplement known as Creatine to their athletes?Yes, it is expensive at $49.99 for 100 grams of powder.But, many coaches in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (an association that regulates many intercollegiate sports) are more concerned about the safety of the player.
There are six NCAA baseball teams in Oregon.These teams work hard every year to accomplish a winning season, a conference title, or a national championship.Players at Linfield, George Fox, Willamette, Oregon State, Pacific, and University of Portland face the pressure to win every season.Linfield College pitcher, Geoff Phillips describes the pressure as, relentless. "There is always pressure to work hard in the weight room and train at 100%.Most of the pressure comes from the competition we face and our personal desire to win," said Phillips.
To compete at their highest level, ball players have to find time to bulk up.
Weight lifting has always been a part of college baseball. After all, modern athletes develop their strength and endurance in the weight room.But, where once players spent 3-5 hours a week in the weig…

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