Creatine Crazy

Now batting in the clean-up position at this year's baseball World Series is Mr. Creatine (Frankel 1).As the pitcher winds up, he knows in his heart that his new opponent, an amino acid supplement hiding in the muscle tissues of the batter, now threatens him.He delivers the pitch over the fat part of the plate and Mr. Creatine swings and drives the ball deep into center field.Back, back, back, going, going, gone, another awesome four hundred ten foot homerun for Mr. Creatine and the Major League Baseball Association!That's right, more homeruns and runs batted in, as well as an increased popularity and swelling revenue at the box office, have brought national attention to the sport of baseball."To use or not to use, that is the question" (Frankel 1).For years and years, athletes of all sports were using steroids to bulk up their physique.Today, the use of steroids has dropped rapidly since the presence of mandatory drug testing in professional sports. However, athletes are still trying to obtain a performance edge, and many have found that answer in creatine. The controversy continues as trainers, coaches, and owners are arguing its use on a daily basis.What will the long-term effects be to young high school, college, and professional athletes?Certainly there are risks involved with creatine's use, however baseball needs creatine for its own survival.
According to the Dymatize Creatine Manufactory (DCM), creatine monohydrate is a "naturally occurring metabolite found in red muscle tissue."DCM also explains that the supplement acts as a powerful aid in the energizing of muscle strength and the enhancing of athletic performance. (Williams 1)Creatine is one of the twenty amino acids, and can be found in lean red meat, tuna, salmon, pork, or beef.For example, a two-pound beefsteak equals approximately 5 grams of creatine, and a two pound piece of salmon contains around 6 gra…

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