"What type of supplement do you take?"This is a common question people are asked in
a high school weight room.People usually reply by saying they take creatine.The age of
high school students range from 15 to 18 years of age.
Creatine is a nutritional supplement and is said to be safe among adults.On the
other hand, there is little information about health risks of creatine use in children.The
labels on creatine bottles states that creatine is not recommended for use by people less
that 18 years of age.Although the supplement is not recommended for adolescents,
many reports indicate a broad use by young athletes. Creatine is used significantly more
by boys than girls.Sports with the most common use of creatine are football, wrestling,
Creatine's yearly sales amount to over 400 million dollars.This makes creatine
the most popular nutritional supplement.A discouraging fact is that young adolescents
can buy creatine at any health store or on the internet.
All in all, the use of creatine in young athletes is very disturbing.The safety of
creatine in people less than 18 years old is unknown.The short term and especially the
long term health risks are also unknown.Young athletes should pass on taking creatine
until further studies are conducted about health risks and safety.

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