In 1995 it was found that only 24 percent of Americans had adopted a regular practice of exercise (McGinnis and Lee 1995).This was surprising because in 1994 alone an estimated $8.4 billion was spent on health club memberships in the United States, and these fitness centers make available to the general public a lot of expensive and elaborate equipment previously only found at training facilities for collegiate and professional athletes.
The lack of exercise by this general population has increased health consequences.About 12 percent of deaths reported in the United States each year are related simply to the lack of regular physical activity (McGinnis and Lee 1995). The combination of poor dietary and exercise habits was the second most prominent contributor to the approximately 300,000 deaths per year in the United States.This was just behind tobacco use, which took about 100,000 lives.
Also, the population is getting older.With the increasing number of potent prescription drugs there has also been an increase in drug use among a significant portion of the population.More than 100,000 drug products are approved for use in
the United States alone.For the year 2008, the expected total dollar amount spent on prescriptions per year is $180 billion(Blank 1998).This statistic does not include nonprescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs.
The popularity of fitness has transcended the baby-boomer generation, and more and more people regard exercise as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle for all groups.The general public receives health related information from increasing numbers of sources: the evening news, travel magazines, food labels, and even stories in investment newspapers.
Many newcomers to the fitness scene are deconditioned and may be taking medications for chronic health ailments.Many athletes and trainers alike want to know the impact of various drugs on performance.Often, these e…

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