Creatine effects the urination of all athletes.Tests done on hockey players led to show that it lessens the urination of those athletes almost fifty percent.Also, it showed that creatine really wasn’t worth its value, it states that only half of the product stayed in the athletes body while in use.
Overall, I did not like this journal article, it did not tell me much that I would want to hear if I were a consumer of this product.I did however like how he lessened the articles length, and made it less boring in abbreviating the words creatine, and creatinine to Cr and Cn.It made the paper much easier to read.
There are also some interesting statistics on the effects of creatine on athletes of different ages and statures.In this article, I also liked how the author split up the categories, and gave heading in bold to each type of subject for what was to be talked about, giving the reader an idea to what he was to read about.
The article also states, as I mentioned before that fifty percent of the creatine used is lost due to excretion (Burke, 2001).Maybe you should ask for half off your next purchase of creatine at your local GNC.Also stated in this article is that the use of creatine leads to urinary loss, due to the fact that it is a diuretic, so you have to drink a lot of water with the supplement (Burke, 2001).These are good things to know if you are planning on using the supplement or are using it currently.
However, the article only did a study for the use of creatine over a seven-day period.I am sure that most creatine users would rather no long-term effects of creatine, what benefits the supplements would bring, along with the consequences.
Also, the article only dealt with the relationship of creatine and your urine, not many things dealing with what the supplement actually did to your body, and why it would work to do the things it claims it does.
The article is written only for thos

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