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Changes. Changes everyone is looking for changes. Will you ever find changes? I guarantee change. I will change Welfare by making it easier to aquire and most effective. Business will also see this change by being more controlled and safe for you and your family. Abortion options will be exposed to my Changes. I will improve Victims Rights therefore making our country feel safe. Health Care will not be a problem after my changes. Immigration will be safe and easier. I also propose a change on E.R.A (equal rights amendment).
My plans for changing Welfare are simply to make it available for people making under $10,000 a year (or an extreme case) to inquire Welfare. A family on Welfare has the option also of confidentiality. Every family on welfare Gets a sum to make their income equal to their current income to $20,000. A family is eligible for welfare for 2 years, with career counseling or until the family’s income is steady and at least at $20,000.
Health Care will no longer be a problem to this country. I will make sure of our country’s wellness. My plan is to File every person Name Under three different categories: Extreme, Non-Extreme and Normal. It will be mandatory that everyone has a check up, which includes Dentist, Eye Doctor, Physician along with a full body xray, every 6 months. Everyone who joins the army list gets health insurance and people with extreme case.
In the area of Immigration I will open up all borders. For an Immigrant to come into America They must have full firm searches on his/her backgrounds. They must join army list or have been mistreated. After one Year government checks out the status and has a right to deport if a necessity.
Due to weak Victims Rights as of now I feel we should really set down harsh laws now. A victim will also have a say over offenders punishment, although still being approved by judge. Yet ALL convicted parties have a right to recourse.

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