Craving Perfection

"… Nobody knew, I would eat enough for four, go to the washroom after every meal, or starve for three days straight.For ten years, nobody knew I had a problem with food-I fooled everybody.Nobody knew, not even me, that my eating disorder was never about food, I had been feeding myself love, safety, security and strength.I could conquer the world, be anybody, d anything when I was eating.When I felt I was loosing control of my eating, I starved and immediately, I regained control." This statement comes from Sheila Mather, author of Leaving Food Behind.In this autobiographical book she discusses her long battle with eating disorders.
Eating disorders affect many people throughout the world.Unfortunately anorexia is on the up rise in our society.In the United States there are at least 8,000,000 victims.Upsettingly, six to eight percent of these cases die.A whopping 90% of anorexics are women, although the percentage of males with eating disorders is increasing.This topic is not to be taken lightly; people are starving themselves to "perfection".
Anorexia Nervosa as defined in The American College Dictionary is; a disorder usually occurring in teenage women, characterized by a fear of obesity; a distorted self-image, an aversion to food and severe weight loss.However, this disease impacts a person in many more ways than what is defined.It is both an emotional and physical disease.It is an obsession that usually begins as a diet to loose a few pounds.
For many victims it is an issue of control.Anorexia Nervosa usually strikes those who have problems with friends or family. They blame themselves if they don't get perfect grades, or if other things in their life are not perfect.People with anorexia believe they would be happier and more successful if they were thin.They feel that controlling what they eat they compensate for other issues that are not in their hands.They fe…

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