Coyote Animal Investigation

What animal is known to be a trickster and the Native Americans had great respect for? It is the Coyote (Canis latrans) and that is the animal that I have chosen for my Animal Investigation report. There short high pitched barks distinguish them selves from other similar animals, but are known to be quite sneaky and seeing a Coyote in the wild is quite rare because they seem to be afraid of humans in general. What other animal has the same exact characteristics as a Coyote? None, because there behavior is so different and therefore makes them unique.

The Coyote, also known as the Desert Wolf belongs to the Order Carnivore and Family Canidae. Coyotes are very adaptable mammals often seen in rural and urban habitats of deserts, fields and farmlands. Their thick bushy tail, long pointy nose, and pointy ears make them stand out. They're about the size of a German shepherd, but slimmer boned and half the weight. An average coyote weighs about twenty-five to thirty five-pounds and there top speed for running is thirty miles per hour. In winter, their coat grows very thick to help them keep warm. They can be told apart from their larger cousin the wolf and domestic dogs because coyotes carry there tail low when running where wolves and dogs carry their tail high.

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They mate usually anywhere from January to March and dig a den under a tree, stump or rock. About sixty days later, the pups are born and the average litter size is six, with a range of two to twelve furred, but blind pups. Both parents share in the responsibility of raising the young. Weaning begins at three weeks, which is the young sucking on the mother's mammary glands. At ten weeks they begin to learn to hunt and leave the parents as capable young adults in the autumn about seven to eight months of age. They may live in captivity for about eighteen years, but only until eight years in the wild.

The Coyote is a non-migratory animal and there movements usually…

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