Over time the once universal definition of courtship has become a manifestation of one’s personal beliefs and values.The once formal structure of courtship is now an individual meeting process. However there are still some formalities to the process. Every couple has a story of how they met. Many couples are high school sweethearts, others meet through mutual friends. Joe and Eileen Marini met in court.
The story begins in the summer of 1975, in the town of Wildwood, NJ.One night after partying at the local dance club, a lively group of young men return to their hotel room to finish off the evening with a few drinks.Once inside, they began acting wildly and someone broke down a door separating the room adjacent to theirs.Inside the second room was a group of young women settling in after a long day of bathing in the ocean.After removing the uninvited guest from their room the girls decided to get some rest and settle the problem the following morning.
On the proceeding morning two of the girls went next door to talk over the situation with the guys.When they knocked on the door a young gentleman, who had been absent the night before, answered.His name was Joseph Marini, and the two girls were Cathy Holland and Eileen Carew.The girls sat and discussed what would be done to absolve the situation and the gentlemen agreed to pay for damages.Of course, the owner of the hotel was not as forgiving as the girls.The case was assigned a court date and the fines would be accessed at that time.
Following their fiasco the two groups went on their separate ways, except for one lucky meeting.After shopping downtown, Eileen and Cathy returned to the hotel to shower and prepare for the night.In the parking lot they crossed paths with the young man that had answered the door that morning.They began talking and Eileen took the liberty to invite Joe to join them at the dance club that night.
On theirfirst date, Eilee…

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