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GCSE Coursework Marks Guide

When writing GCSE coursework it is important to know what you have to do to get top marks. This guide shows you the information you need. Simply print it out and tick off the items as you go.

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Plan MarksDescription
2Say what you afsre going to find out
Say what apparatus you will use
Say how you will use the apparatus safely
4Say what you are going to measure
Say what you will keep the same, to make it a fair test
Say what you think will happen
Say what apparatus you will use to measure things accurately
6Say which factor you are investigating
Say which other factors could affect your results
Say which factors you will keep the same to make it fair
Say which one factor you will change
Say how many measurements you will take
Say over what range the measurements will be taken
Say that you will take several readings for all measurements, to allow you to average the results
Say what you think will happen
Say why, in as much scientific language as you can
8Say what you think will happen (the prediction) but use detailed discussion of the scientific ideas
Say that your measurements will be very precise
Say whether you will do a pilot study or trial
Say which type of secondary sources you will use

Evidence Gathering Marks Description
2Use the apparatus safely
Write down your findings with units
4Write down accurate readings in a table
6Write down all results within your range including repeats
Work out average results
8Use equipment accurately and skilfully
Explain whether your results support your original prediction or not

Conclusion Marks Description
2Say what you found
Draw a graph of your results
4Look at the graph and write down the pattern you see
6Draw a line graph of your results
Draw a line of best fit
Explain any calculations you use
Write your conclusion and say how this fits with the science you talked about in your plan…

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