Jane appears to suffer from a number of personality disorders due to her family situation.Her parents and her siblings all appear, both to her and to the world in general, to find success without effort.Their physical attributes furthermore contribute, or seem to contribute, and to work in concomitant with their drive towards success.In other words; they are driven because they are beautiful and therefore attain success; and their beauty gives them drive. When any of Jane's four family members therefore attempt something new, success is almost inevitable.Not being endowed with the same physical beauty of her parents or siblings, it is to be expected that Jane would feel somewhat left behind by the success that her family achieved.Expecting the same level of success from Jane as from their other children, Jane's parents achieve the opposite by giving her negative feedback.Rather than being supportive, they are abrasive even when Jane tries her best to reach their seemingly impossible demands for success.
As her therapist, I have therefore chosen the person-centered paradigm of therapy.I believe that this type of therapy will help Jane not only to begin taking responsibility for her own life, but also to feel less powerless and guilty in doing so.This therapy is best for Jane particularly, as I do believe that she has a vast well of untapped potential, which her parents are unable to unlock.Jane's parents are used to success coming easily, and they may therefore be expected to regard Jane in the same light as the other siblings.Jane is however not the same type of person with the same talents as they are.She needs encouragement in order to pursue her own passions and talents, and to become a person in her own right.This is what I will attempt to help her with by using person-centered therapy.
In terms of background, person-centered therapy was developed by Carl Rogers during the 1930s.The mo…

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